Strategic Plan

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    During the spring of 2016, a Planning Team of 45 members representing the 鶹 Unified School District and 鶹 community gathered to build a Strategic Plan intended to transform the school district from within. The collective voice of administrators, teachers, students, parents, and members of the community produced a plan anchored on creativity and innovation and guided by a set of core beliefs, a mission, objectives, strategies, and parameters.  

    To bring the plan to life, an Action Team of approximately 250 members took the Strategic Plan and created a set of Action Plans under each strategy.  Each school then followed with its local plan, creating objectives and tactics to support the District Strategic Plan.

    What follows is a summary of the accomplishments, under each strategy, from year one and the ongoing initiatives that will offer students, staff members, and parents a collection of rich and innovative experiences within the school district and throughout the community in the coming years.

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  • Strategies

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  •  Beliefs, Mission, Parameters

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  • Philosophy of Body, Soul, & Spirit

    The main driver in the 鶹 Unified School District is Strategics.  Strategics is the method by which a community continuously creates a plan to serve extraordinary purpose.  According to Dr. William Cook, Strategic Planning mentor, “Strategic decisions are those commitments that challenge the existing orders, create disequilibrium, and encourage risk toward new realities.”  Our focus is for every student to be engaged and inspired in their learning in order to be prepared to continue their journey towards achieving their future aspirations.

    The Body


    Athletics, students eat free, health screenings, summer feeding


    The Soul


    R.E.A.D., Deeper Learning, college/career ready, coherence, innovation 


    The Spirit


    Performing arts, social-emotional learning, restorative practices, wellness centers, virtual arts, PBIS

  • Strategies

    The Innovation Bridge is designed to transform our school district and community to continually create the future we want to see for our students.There are seven strategies represented within the Innovation Bridge Design that create the tools and conditions necessary so that every student reaches their fullest potential. Our focus is for every student to be fully engaged and inspired in their learning so they will be fully prepared to continue their journey of college and a chosen career.

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